COVID-19 Testing Service


We offer both the COVID-19 PCR Test (As used by the HSE) and COVID-19 Antigen Test.  Please read below for full details to assess the suitability of each test for your needs.

This service is not suitable for anyone with symptoms of COVID-19, or anyone who thinks they may have COVID-19, which includes being a close contact.

Your appointment, including the swab sample collection, will take about 10 minutes.

Please don’t book an appointment or come into store if you or anyone in your household have symptoms of COVID-19 or you are classed as a close contact. Instead please stay at home and follow the latest government guidance.

Should you require a results certificate the pharmacist will need to see your passport or driving licence to check your identity. Please remember to bring this with you.

Covid 19 - PCR Testing €139

We offer the gold standard COVID-19 PCR test used by the HSE and approved by the Department of Health for private patients. Results are emailed the next day when tested before 2pm.
There are many different reasons why you may want to have a COVID-19 PCR test. Maybe you’re travelling abroad, you need a test for work or you’re visiting family where permitted under government guidance.

As international travel resumes, many countries and airlines require individuals to provide a travel certificate which shows evidence of a negative COVID-19 PCR test prior to travel, usually taken no more than 72 hours before your flight.

PCR testing is the accepted method of COVID-19 testing for travel purposes.

With COVID-19 test results available within 24-36 hours, our rapid, accurate and reliable COVID-19 PCR testing service will help get your trip off to a hassle-free start, with minimum disruption to your travel plans.

COVID-19 Rapid Antigen Test €59
Rapid Antigen testing involves a swab taken from the back of your nose. A testing kit is then used in the pharmacy to assess for the presence of COVID-19 antigens.
The test is being offered primarily for the purposes of essential travel. Your result is available within 15 minutes. Our Rapid Antigen Test has a sensitivity of 96.52% and a specificity of 99.68%. It is mutually recognised by all member states across the EU and on the common list of EU approved COVID-19 rapid antigen tests.
Rapid antigen tests can reduce further transmission of COVID-19 through early detection.

Antigen tests are intended for use as an aid in the diagnosis of infections with COVID-19. There is a small possibility that the result may give a false negative or false positive. Positive Antigen results are confirmed by a PCR test.

If you test positive, public health may be notified and you will be advised to phone your doctor to arrange a HSE PCR test, return home and self-isolate until the results of the HSE laboratory PCR test are known.

Some countries may now accept Rapid Antigen Test results for travel.

This service is NOT suitable for anyone with symptoms of COVID-19, or anyone who thinks they may have COVID-19, which includes being a close contact

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