COVID-19 Vaccine Information

We do not currently have a date when the COVID-19 vaccine will be available in our pharmacies, however we are taking customers details and if you are on the waiting list, we will contact you when there is further information, or a vaccine dose is available.

People who are most at risk from COVID-19 will be vaccinated first and we will be adhering to the HSE guidance.

Who is getting COVID-19 vaccines now?

People in these groups are currently being vaccinated for COVID-19:

  • people aged 65 years and older who live in long-term care facilities – they have a greater risk of serious illness if they get COVID-19.
  • frontline healthcare workers – they have a higher risk of being exposed to COVID-19.

The next group to be vaccinated will be people aged 85 and older. We expect this to start during February and GP’s will be arranging appointments for this group and thereafter for all people aged 70 and older.

COVID-19 vaccination will be offered to  more groups as soon as possible and we expect to be involved in vaccination in the near future.

Expand to see the Provisional order in which people in Ireland will be vaccinated against COVID-19.
1 People aged 65 years and older who are residents of long-term care facilities (likely to include all staff and residents on site)
2 Frontline healthcare workers
3 People aged 70 and older
4 Other healthcare workers not in direct patient contact
5 People aged 65-69
6 Key workers (Vaccination Programme)
7 People aged 18-64 with certain medical conditions
8 Residents of long-term care facilities aged 18-64
9 People aged 18-64 living or working in crowded settings
10 Key workers in essential jobs who cannot avoid a high risk of exposure
11 People working in education sector
12 People aged 55-64
13 Other workers in occupations important to the functioning of society
14 Other people aged 18-54
15 People aged under 18 and pregnant women

We appreciate your patience. Please fill out the form below to be added to the Phelans Pharmacy COVID-19 vaccine waiting list. If you are on the waiting list, we will contact you when there is further information, or there is a vaccine dose available.

Register for the Covid-19 Vaccination Waiting List

Covid 19 Vaccination Waiting List
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Chronic heart disease including hypertension with cardiac involvement
chronic respiratory disease including asthma requiring continuous or repeated use of systemic steroids or with previous exacerbations requiring hospital admission

Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes
Chronic neurological disease

chronic kidney disease
BMI >40
immunosuppression due to disease or treatment
chronic liver disease